23 Deadly Halloween Costumes You Can Buy At The Last Minute In Dublin

Stuck for ideas?

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Halloween is rapidly approaching and if like me you've left getting your costume until the last minute, fear not!

We've scoured the city far and wide to find the best and most original halloween costumes that Dublin has to offer.

G'wan, have a gawk. Even if it's just to get some inspo.

1. Morphsuit, €49, Halloween HQ

This is the ideal costume for anyone who wants to remain anonymous for the night. Oh and also not be able to breath!

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2. Priest, €32.50, Celebrations Party Shop

With all this talk of the mass event on facebook, why not dress for the occasion? Not the most original but you're sure to get a good reaction with it.

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3. Where's Wally, €38, The Silly Shop

This costume is super easy to put together but also looks like you've made loads of effort, it's a win win situation.

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4. Mr. Oktoberfest, €29, Halloween HQ

Oktoberfest went down a treat this year so why not take some inspiration from it and don some incredibly stylish lederhosen.

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5. Oompa Loompa, €40, Celebrations Party Shop

If your tan comes out 10 shades darker than it should then this could be the IDEAL costume for you. Just pretend that you meant to turn yourself a radioactive shade of orange.

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6. Box of Crayons, €35, The Silly Shop

This one is quite original and looks cute too. It's good for the gal that likes getting dressed up for Halloween but not necessarily into the guts and the gore that goes with it.

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7. Mrs. Brown, €65, The Silly Shop

How could you not have a great night dressed up as Mrs. Brown? The television favourite inspired costume will go down a treat no matter where you wear it to.

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8. Evil Clown, €15, Halloween HQ

Clowns have been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently but it's always a popular Halloween costume. Just don't do anything outrageous while wearing it.

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9. Vampire in a Coffin, €45, Celebrations Party Shop

Dressing up as a vampire is a fairly standard Halloween costume so why not mix it up a little and add in the coffin. It's so original people won't know what's hit them.

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10. Red Devil, €6, Celebrations Party Shop

If you're addicted to Scream Queens then you'll know all about the infamous red devil. This mask complete with a red cape makes for the perfect Halloween costume. Maybe just leave the chainsaw at home...

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11. Harley Quinn, €55, The Silly Shop

You'll probably see a million girls dressed up as the Suicide Squad favourite this year but feel free to jump on the bandwagon. Make up artist Chloé Boucher, has a fab tutorial on her instagram for creating the perfect Harley face.

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12. Nerd, €25, Halloween HQ

It's one of the simplest yet most effective costumes you can throw together at the last minute. 

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13. Fred Elliot, €35, Celebrations Party Shop

Fred Elliot is a soap legend. If you decide to go dressed as the famous Coronation Street character you'll be the envy of every soap fan.

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14. Hilda Ogden, €35, Celebrations Party Shop

Another Corrie legend, Hilda Ogden is the perfect costume choice for any die hard soap opera fanatic.

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15. Orange is the New Black Inmate, €21, The Silly Shop

If you're looking to be the centre of attention this Halloween, nothing says look at me quite like donning these famous luminous orange overalls.

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16. Baby, €40, The Silly Shop

I think we all know someone who acts like a big giant baby without having to wear the costume but if you feel like slipping back in time for one night then this is the perfect choice for you.

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17. Fred Flintstone, €25, Halloween HQ

The iconic cartoon character is bound to go down a treat with everyone this Halloween. Just maybe don't go around barefoot, especially on the streets of Dublin.

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18. Unicorn, €32, Celebrations Party Shop

If dressing up as a mythical creature is more your thing then this is the costume for you. If like me you have magpie tendencies, stick on this mask and load up on the glitter and you're good to go.

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19. Vampire Couple, €18, The Silly Shop

For those of you who want to dress up with your significant other this cape set is ideal.

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20. Undead Bride, €35, Halloween HQ

The zombie bride is always a popular look at Halloween. Slap on the white face paint, smudge your red lipstick and you're set.

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21. Cardinal, €56.50, Celebrations Party Shop

If all your friends are dressing up as Priests and Nuns why don't you go one step further and dress up as a Cardinal? You'll be the talk of the Parish.

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22. Queen of Hearts, €75, The Silly Shop

Disney characters make an appearance at every Halloween party. If you're tired of the generic Disney princess mix it up a little by going as a more alternative character like the Queen of Hearts.

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23. Mermaid, €37.50, Celebrations Party Shop

Most people have wanted to be a mermaid at some stage of their lives so what better excuse to dress up like one than Halloween.

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Halloween HQ is on Henry Street and in Dundrum Town Centre. The Silly Shop can be found on Liffey Street and Dundrum. Celebrations Party Shop is located on Abbey Street.

Happy hunting!

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Written By

Aoife McCormack