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20th Dec 2016

34 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Dublin During The 1990s


One of the great things about Dublin is that it never stops evolving, it never stops improving, and it never ceases in its quest to be right up there with the best cities in Europe. It’s practically unrecognisable from the place it was 20 years ago, and for the most part that’s a positive thing.

But every now and then, it’s nice to take a look back at the way things once were, and the strange little quirks – both good and bad – that defined the city’s journey to where it is today.

So here are 34 things that will bring you back to your youth in 1990s Dublin. And as always, if you have any more to add, do let us know!

1. Buses were green

And dammit, we were happy.


2. This RTÉ logo



3. When ‘Brunch’ meant this really disgusting ice cream

No, sorry, don’t even try to argue against it being the most vile thing of all time.


4. This being the main DART entrance to Connolly Station

Which would be really handy if they reopened, incidentally. Not that we don’t enjoy the 29-mile walk through the station to get to the DART platforms or anything…

amiensst 1

5. Crazy Prices and Quinnsworth instead of Tesco

And this ad. Where would Ireland be today were it not for this ad?

6. We had Superquinn instead of Supervalu

We know this is a relatively recent one, but it still hurts. #neverforget


7. Using tokens from milk cartons to buy cheap household goods

Or was this just my family? Oh God, please tell me other people did this too.

Electric kettle

8. Smoking in pubs

It’s fine, I didn’t want to ever wear these clothes again anyway.

Cigarette smoking

9. Having your birthday party in the The Fun Factory, and being forced to go down the terrifying Freefall

This isn’t quite the Freefall, but it will do.

10. The Tour de France coming to Ireland in 1998

And we were all mad into cycling for about a week – to the point where some of us even knew what a peloton was.

11. The City Swift

It wasn’t very… well, swift.


12. Losing our shit when we beat Romania in the 1990 World Cup

A nation holds its breath.

13. Losing our shit even more when the pubs went on strike for the first match of USA 1994 against Italy

How could you do this to us, guys?


14. Losing our shit even more EVEN MORE when we actually beat Italy

That somersault.

15. The Eurovision being an annual blight on our resources

Ireland douze points? Ah crap. Not again!

Even if this was the result of it all…

16. But deep down we loved it really

And what we wouldn’t give to have it back…

17. Internet cafés being cutting-edge

We need more places that look like this, in fairness.


18. Going to Bray on hollibobs

You could do a lot worse, in fairness.


19. Orange diesel trains

They always looked so angry.


20. The City Imp

Seriously, what was that even about?


21. A distinct lack of bridges over the Liffey

No Samuel Beckett, no Seán O’Casey, no Rosie Hackett, no James Joyce, no Millennium Bridge… is it any wonder northsiders and southsiders have felt like different tribes at times?


22. Smithfield being an empty space

Okay so this isn’t from the 1990s, but you get the point…

23. Dundrum before the Town Centre was built

You’ll know you’re old one day when you point to the shopping centre and tell someone ‘I remember when this was all fields’.

24. Getting the boat to the Isle of Man from the city centre, near where the Jeanie Johnston is now


25. Leinster games were held in Donnybrook stadium

donnybrook 640

26. Virgin Megastore on the quays

It’s a Supervalu now. First they take this, then Superquinn… is there no end to this madness?


27. Thinking ‘Cappuccino’ was the name of an Italian footballer

Cappuccino Loves Italy

28. Thinking korma from a jar was the height of multiculturalism

It was, in fairness.


29. The DART when it only went from Bray to Howth.

Sorry Greystones and Malahide.


30. Dubs manager Jim Gavin was a player

Bless his little face.

31. Losing our shit all over again when Bill Clinton came to visit


32. This amazing 98fm ad

You’ll never look at the Poolbeg chimneys the same way again.

33. The M50 only going as far as Tallaght

What’s that, you want a ring road that actually goes around the entire city? Oh don’t be silly!

m50 1

34. Clerys Clock being the main meeting point in the city

Before this chap came along.