4 Cracking Lunches You Can Cook In The Office Microwave This Week

Because lunch is the best part of any working day

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Sick of limp salads and lacklustre sandwiches? Us too. 

We've done some research into some of the best lunches you can whip yourself up in the microwave in work. People will be jealous, and you'll be smug. A winning combination.

Because work may be boring, but lunch doesn't have to be.

1. Lemon and garlic brocolli

A dish that will change the way you think about broccoli forever. All about taste, and less about eating baby trees.

Full recipe here.

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Photo cred: www.food.com

2. Salmon Teriyaki

This is way, way less complicated than you'd think - and takes fewer than ten minutes to recreate.

Full recipe here.

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Photo cred: www.food.com

3. Poached eggs

Yes, eggs can be poached directly in the microwave. It's quick, it's easy and it ensures a perfect poach every time.

It's also a ridiculously cheap lunch. Full recipe here.

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Photo cred: www.breakfasttobed.com

4. Enchiladas

Give the burrito joints of the city some competition with these dreamy, decadent enchiladas. And the best part? They're 100% gluten free.

Full recipe here.

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Photo cred: www.flippindelicious.com

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