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20th Dec 2016

4 Meals You Can Cook In The Office Microwave This Week


Are you already at that stage of the month where payday can’t come quick enough and buying lunch out isn’t really an option? Us too.

So you’re joining the lunchbox brigade, but packed lunches don’t have to be associated with limp leaves and lacklustre sambos. They can be so much more than that.

We’ve found a few recipes that are easily made in the office microwave, and we’ve decided to share them with you all. 

Cos we’re sound like that.

1. 10-minute vegetable quiche

Crustless, tasty and super delicious, this dish would make even the most carnivorous of meat eaters jealous. 

Full recipe here

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2. (Sort of) baked eggs

Looking for a protein hit in the middle of the day?

Look no further than this turkey, egg and spinach open sandwich. 10 minutes is all it takes. Full recipe here.

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3. Sweet potato chips

For the days when you crave something bold, but don’t want to feel guilty afterwards. These crispy treats will fill you up for the day, and also satisfy your sweet tooth.

Full recipe here.


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4. Vegetarian burrito bowl

This is unbelievable and only takes five minutes. Skip the ever-lengthy queue for your local Mexican food hub and don the chef hat yourself. 

Full recipe here

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