5 Netflix Offerings To Binge-Watch If You're Staying In This Friday Night

A perfectly acceptable way to spend the night


It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on... no.

The only place I'm getting down is under my quilt.

This list should save you about an hour of crippling indecision.

So throw on the kettle, have the chocolate biscuits within reaching distance, and turn on one of the following...

1. Stranger Things

The most addictive thing to hit Netflix this year, you won't be able to shut your laptop until you've finished the entire season. 

If it doesn't scar you a little bit then you're an absolute champ. 'Cos I was terrified. 

2. House Of Cards

If you haven't gotten stuck into House of Cards yet, now is the time. 

It's utterly fantastic.

And if you're in the mood for tension, this is just the ticket.

3. Flaked

Will Arnett stars as Chip, a man struggling with sobriety in Venice, California. The delicate balance of his world starts to tip when he finds himself falling for the object of his best friend's affection. 

Plenty of humour punctuated with moments of heartfelt drama here, and the soundtrack ain't bad either.

4. Spotless 

This new, highly-addictive series revolves around a talented but corrupt crime scene cleaner who get caught up in working for a gang.  

A tad on the graphic side, with plenty of sex, gore and violence, but entertaining nonetheless.  

You'll have the chills.

5. Jumbo Wild

For those of you needing a documentary fix, Jumbo Wild is getting fantastic reviews.

Following the long, drawn out legal battle for the British Columbia's wilderness known as Jumbo Valley, it asks the question: should it be developed or left in pristine condition?

The hour-long documentary contains an array of stunning footage and leaves you with a longing to see the wondrous valley for yourself. 

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