5 Riveting Netflix Documentaries To Enjoy After Work This Evening

Calling all fellow couch potatoes...

Netflix Anon

It's been a long ass Thursday, but it's finally over.

By now you should be nearly settled in for the evening, so what then? We have just what you need.

Grab your favourite blankie, a cuppa (or some wine, no judgment here) and perch yourself in front of Netflix – it's documentary time. 

1. Requiem For The American Dream

Iconic intellectual Noam Chomsky discusses inequality, minorities, majorities, social and class mobility in one of the most thought-provoking documentaries of 2015.

2. Cooked

If you love food then you will absolutely devour this one. 

New to Netflix in 2016, this four-part doc will send shivers down your spine as acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan examines how the four elements, fire, water, air and earth, transform food through cooking. 

Seriously interesting. 

3. Living On One Dollar 

Grab your tissues, cos this one's a tear-jerker.

 A group of four friends live on one dollar a day for 56 days. Shit gets real, real fast.

4. The Hunting Ground

This is a chilling examination of how American universities have covered up student rape cases. 

This documentary has come to light in the last month due to a recent, well known trial of a Stanford student. 

5. We Are Legion

We are all familiar with the self-described 'hacktivist' collective known as Anonymous. 

This documentary looks at the workings and beliefs of these online radicals. 

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