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5 Ways To Make Your Weekend Last And Feel Longer

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The weekend always manages to slip by way too quickly.

Sunday evening comes around and you’re left staring at a wall, thinking about the meaning of life.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, if you want to make your weekend last and feel longer take note of these simple, simple steps. 

1. Make a plan

Whether you wanna have an exciting, activity-filled day or just get the weeks worth of chores done and dusted – plan ahead.

Set out your practical weekend goals and your banter weekend goals, when you’re gonna do them and for how long.

Sounds a bit uptight but it will ensure you get everything you need, and want, to get done, done.

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2. Get up at your normal time, or earlier

We all love a good lie-in but can often regret wasting so much time laying in bed awake, being lazy bastards. 

Lie-ins also throw your body way out of sync, making it harder to get up on Monday morning. 

Don’t put yourself through that, even if you’re hungover. Just haul ass out into the fresh air, or for some brunch. 

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3. Set a timer on your activities 

The average brunch lasts one hour and forty minutes. Seriously. 

Set a timer for one hour and limit yourself in order to optimise how you can spend the rest of your day. 

You can have your brunch and eat it too. 

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4. Don’t waste time 

I’m terrible for holing up with Netflix or throwing on the telly to pass some time. Which is grand, that’s kind of what weekends are for. 

But try to limit yourself to one episode or one movie instead of wasting the whole weekend in front of a screen.

You’ll thank yourself when scrolling through Instagram on Monday and seeing all the cool shit your mates got up to. 

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5. Do things you’ve always wanted to do

Accomplishing things on the weekend is the best feeling in the world.

And giving your inner wanderlust some attention is always unreal.

If you’ve always wanted to visit Howth and do the cliff walk then throw on your runners, hop on the DART and just fucking do it! 

Always wanted to go kayaking or visit the Botanical Gardens? It couldn’t be easier. 

Just. Do. It. 

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