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20th Dec 2016

6 Lunches In Dublin To Try If You’re On A Budget This Week


Lunch in the city can almost be as expensive as rent some days.


And we don’t want you guys breaking the bank everyday at 1pm. So we’ve decided to make up a list of the best places to chow down for less than a few euro. 

Read on for inspiration, you hungry, hungry lot.

1. Soup of the day, The Pepper Pot – €5

Huuuuge bowl of creamy, delicious soup, with a thick and delicious crusty slice of bread. And served with a mound of butter too. Important.

Also, the soup in here changes daily. And they’re always unbelievable. 

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2. Soup and sandwich deal, Boland’s Sandwich Bar – €4

For serious value for money, we recommend Boland’s sandwich shop on Duke Lane. 

Just off South Anne Street, this sandwich bar is a hidden gem. For just €4, you’ve got a soup and a sandwich to go – can’t beat it.

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3. Black pudding sandwich, Oxmantown – €5.50

In this little beauty, you’ll find Jack McCarthy’s ‘Queens’ black pudding with tomato relish, pickles, aioli and rocket all on freshly made sourdough.

Oxmantown have nailed it once more.

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4. Regular Sandwich With Meat, Pig & Heifer – €4.50 

Make your own sandwich and fill it with delicious meat thanks to the lovely people at the Pig & Heifer.

FYI, €4.50 is the takeaway price, and €5 is the eat-in price. But this place is usually so busy with hungry sandwich lovers that taking away isn’t usually a problem.  

5. Mixed salad, Market Bar – €6

Market Bar may not necessarily be the first place you’d thought of when it comes to lunch spots, but don’t rule it out entirely.

Their mixed salad is filling and flavoursome, with mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, red onions, pumpkin seeds served with a honey mustard dressing. Perfection. 

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6. Avocado on toast, Happy Food by The Yoga Hub – €5

This is served for breakfast and lunch in Happy Food by the Yoga Hub, and it proves popular with health nuts and the not-so-health-keen alike. In here, you’ll find avocado and tomato rustic sourdough toast with coriander, chilli and seasoning. 

And yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. 

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