6 Places You Need To Hit Up If You’re In Rathmines

Perfect for a long weekend of adventures

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Rathmines is an absolute hub of activity, with so much to do, see, buy and consume. 

And since consuming is our favourite thing... We've only gone and compiled a list of the best places to treat yo' self to a delicious meal and tasty drink or two. 

So unlike us!

Enjoy, fellow food lovers.

1. Rody Bolands

Rody Bolands is the perfect spot for pub grub, and perfect match day atmosphere. The pub is famed for its deadly staff and cracking atmosphere, as well as pretty cool music. 

Unusually, it's simultaneously one of the best spots to pre-drink the night before, as well as chill and eat the day after.

If you get your timing right, you may even be treated to a free shot at the end of the night.

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2. Two Fifty Square

Two Fifty Square is nicely tucked away on Williams Park just off Rathmines Road, and is definitely worth looking for. They massively benefit from their seclusion, boasting a super chilled, dog-friendly coffee shop, with the most perfect outside seating area.

Also, great coffee.

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3. Farmer Browns

New to the area, Farmer Browns has taken D6 by storm with its passion for good eats. Inside is cosy and super lively – perfect for an evening meal with mates.

They're also open from 8am, meaning you can also grab breakfast in here, if you're craving their delicious recipes first thing. From decadent to healthy, their menu has something for everyone; so don't feel wary about bringing even your pickiest friends here, they'll fit in just fine.

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4. Tippenyaki

Tippenyaki is where you'll bag yourself some truly dreamy sushi, and if you're lucky, a casual knife twirling show.

The staff are incredible, the food is fantastic, as well as being good for you, and the music isn't half bad either. Can't really go too wrong when you pick Tippenyaki.

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5. Kafka

Kafka have built up a stellar reputation over the past few years, and due to their welcoming staff, killer menu and reasonable prices, it doesn't look like they're going anywhere soon.

Get the chicken wings. Don't think, just do. Also the pecan pie. 

Actually, just get everything.

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6. Blackbird

The trendiest bar in town, with an impressively good beer menu. Blackbird is atmospheric, with gorgeous decor and genuinely good fun. 

Don't believe us? Well, they have Jenga there. JENGA. 

There's also loads of room for loads of fun, but plan your trip wisely – this place fills up fast.

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