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06th Sep 2017

6 Things Students Moving To Dublin NEED To Know


Moving to Dublin for college can be a daunting experience. 

Leaving the comforts of home for the big city can really put new students to the test. You’re faced with managing money, sorting accommodation, cooking for yourself and *worst of all* figuring out Dublin Bus. 

But fear not, fair students. 

We’ve got some sage advice on exactly how to tackle life in the Big Schmoke. 

1. Public transport is both a godsend and a curse

As a student, public transport is undoubtedly the most hassle-free way of navigating the city and with a student leap card, is relatively cheap. 

That is, of course, until you’re already late for your lecture, it’s lashing rain and your bus hasn’t shown up. 

Plan ahead in your first few weeks and leave extra time for transport teething issues. Whether it’s taking the Luas the wrong way, falling asleep on the bus or completely mis-timing your journey, travel disasters are bound to happen. 

Be prepared, know your route and after a few weeks you’ll be cruising around like a local. 

2. You will spend a large portion of nights out queueing on the street

Freshers week in Dublin means throngs of students lining out for nightclub classics like Diceys, Coppers, DTwo and Opium. 

If you’re going anywhere even CLOSE to Harcourt Street, take a jacket because you’ll be queueing for aeons to get in anywhere. 

Black Monday is particularly bad. It’s unavoidable. 

3. Every taxi driver will ask where you’re from

Taxi drivers taking you home from a night out will pick up the stench of a culchie accent straight away. Prepare to tell multiple anecdotes about your hometown and always know how they’re getting on in the GAA.

4. Burritos will become your one stable food source

Particularly applicable if you’re heading to Trinity and you’re surrounded by the plethora of independent burrito restaurants and ever-increasing Boojums. 

You’ll come to depend on the comfort of a tasty burrito after a long day of listening to lecturers and attempting to unravel the mysteries of academic referencing. 

They’re cheap, filling and best of all, you don’t have to make them yourself. 


5. You’ll be surrounded by shops you love and are too poor to go into

Saving money in a small town with five shops was a piece of cake. In Dublin, not so much. 

Topshop, River Island and *of course* Penneys will entice you to their glittering shopfronts, but your student budget just won’t cover a clothes splurge. 

It’s cruel temptation. 

6. It’ll be overwhelming

Moving from rural Ireland to a city can be a big adjustment, so don’t be surprised if it takes a few weeks to get used to. 

Going from a community to a metropolis can be a lonely experience, but an incredibly exciting one. Once you’ve gotten over the quirks of city living, mastered the bus and made a solid group of friends, it’s no more intimidating or confusing than living anywhere else. 

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