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7 Clever Ways To Spend Less Money This Month

By Alana Laverty

February 3, 2017 at 4:41pm


Less than a week after pay day and we are already severely, depressingly, soul-destroyingly BROKE. 

Like we may not survive the rest of this month unless we don't spend a single penny more. 

But with these hacks there can be a lil light at the end of the tunnel. It's gonna be ok.

1. Put a ban on eating out

The luxury you have become accustomed to is putting a dangerous dent in your savings account. 

A minute on the lips – a lifetime broke. Stop. Fucking. Eating. 

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2. Go veggie for the month 

Meat can cost a bomb. So just give it up, love. 

Veggies are cheap as literal chips, so pop down to Aldi or Lidl or your local veg shop and stock the fridge the brim. 

Find some recipe inspo here

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3. Download the SelfControl extension 

Block all websites you might spend money on until your next payday. 

ASOS, Boohoo, Missguided, Groupon, Amazon, Ebay and the likes.  

Less frivolous, boredom-induced, impulse online shopping = more money for life. 

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4. Don't take your debit/credit card places

If the money ain't there you won't spend it. Plan ahead, budget, take out cash and only spend what you can afford to instead of buying jaegarbombs for the entire club. 

Ya numpty

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5. Buy store brand products

Fake cornflakes = €0.99 vs branded cornflakes = cost of a small car. Same goes for pretty much everything. 

Be frugal and a cheapskate. It's ok. 

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6. Invest in a nice instant coffee

Or if your office has a Nespresso machine but no pods (like ours!) then go grab some pods for €3/4 and skip the coffees you're buying every day on the way to work and throughout the day. 

By spending that three or four quid once at the start of the week it'll stop you buying multiple cafe-bought coffees throughout the week. 

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7. Give up something this month

Whether it's an expensive subscription, doing the lotto every day or your beloved eyelash extensions – give it up hun. You're a broke ass bitch and, I'm sorry, you just can't afford dat. 

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For once your bank account might not be in deficit by the end of the month!

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