7 Netflix Picks That Will Make You Feel Justified In Your Life Choices

We promise

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1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

So, no matter how many times you've stalked him or her on Twitter, at least you haven't moved across the country to follow them. Er... right?

2. Bloodline

This grey-toned family drama with make your Christmas day squabbles seem totally tame by comparison.

3. Tallulah

Sure, you've missed your credit card payments for two months in a row and spent your last €2.50 on a Bounce protein ball, but at least you haven't stolen anybody's baby. You are winning at life.

4. Orange is the New Black

Sure, they're all having a laugh in prison – but, lest we forget, they're IN PRISON. You, chances are, are not. Therefore you = better than Piper et al.

5. Hannibal

Sure, you failed at your attempt at veganism after day two and found yourself stuffing a sausage sandwich into your mouth like there was no tomorrow, but on the upside – you haven't eaten anyone yet. Hurrah! 

6. Blackfish

Maybe you've recently told a secret you swore to keep, or ended up horizontal with a friend's bae. Well, fear not – you're not as bad as these guys, who steal baby killer whales from their moms for a living. Now, that's an asshole.

7. The Gilmore Girls

Because no matter how dysfunctional your family relationships, at least you're not as annoying as Rory and Lorelei. You'll always have that.

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Written By

Rosemary MacCabe