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02nd Jan 2017

7 Places In Dublin To Do Yoga During Your Lunch Break


We’re supposed to relax and unwind during our lunch breaks – and yet most of us, if we leave our desks at all, just pop down to the nearest deli with our colleagues and never stop talking shop along the way.

There are few better ways to shake off the worries of the day than a good yoga session, however, and this is a selection of some of the best options around the city centre.


Camden Place (off Camden Street)

The Camden Place studio offers 40-minute core flow classes, which may feel quite short to those of accustomed to hour-long or 90-minute sessions, but they’re ingeniously timed from 1.10-1.50pm every weekday – giving you just the right amount of time to arrive, change and get ready to go.

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Photo: YogaHub

Yoga Dublin

Dartmouth Road, Ranelagh

Possibly the nicest practice space in Dublin, boosted by the amazing garden out front that gives you a sense of tranquility as soon as you step off the street, Yoga Dublin’s classes run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12.30-1.30pm.

The earlier kick-off time is handy for days when you need to be back in the office for that two o’clock meeting, and drop-ins are €15.

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Cows Lane, Temple Bar

Based right at the heart of the centre, just off Dame Street and Temple Bar, Samadhi offers classes every day except Wednesdays from 1-2pm – and it’s only €10.

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Photo: Samadhi on Facebook

Dublin Holistic Centre

South William Street

You have to block-book these sessions, but they’re well worth it – particularly given that the price for a six-week session is just €40. Classes run at 1.10pm on Tuesdays (Yoga Flow), Wednesdays (Ashtanga) and Fridays (Hatha Flow) – and on top of that, there’s a beginners’ class at 12.10pm on Wednesdays, as well as Pilates classes every day at 1.10pm.

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Photo: Dublin Holistic Centre


24 Upper Baggot Street

The intimate Anahata centre is perfectly located for workers in the south city centre. Its Level 1/2 (beginner-friendly) classes run on Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm, and drop-ins are welcome.

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Photo: Anahata on Facebook

Dame Street

This is an excellent spot on Dame Street that runs 45-minute Yoga sessions every Monday at 1.05pm (as well as similarly timed Pilates and Yogalates sessions on Tuesdays and Wendesdays respectively). It’s central and, like YogaHub, the shorter sessions are perfect for those of us with jobs to get back to…

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Helen Sherlock

Grace Park Road, Drumcondra

This is another one you’ll have to block-book, but it will definitely be worth it if you’re up in that neck of the woods. Classes run every Thursday, with the first running from 1-2pm and the next running 1.15-2.15pm – both sessions are suitable for beginners, and cost €85 for a six-week block.

There’s no information just yet as to when the next batch will kick off – but given the last six-week set began in February, it shouldn’t be long now. Keep an eye on the site!

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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