7 Shops In Dublin To Buy Spray Paint, Should You Require It For Some Unspecified Reason

Several people called on #repealthe8th supporters to use the city as their canvas in the wake of the removal of Maser's Repeal mural today. On a completely separate note, here's where you can buy spray paint


The removal of Maser's Repeal mural on the Project Arts Centre was, unsurprisingly, greeted with disgust both online and off.

You can see the reaction here.

And some went so far as to suggest that this would prompt a rise in 'unofficial' street art – and called upon supporters of the movement to use the city centre as their canvas in the wake of the removal.

On a completely unrelated note, here are seven art, hobby and hardware shops around the city where you can buy spray paint...

... should you need it for some non-related and completely unspecified reason.

1. K&M Evans, Meetinghouse Lane

One of the most highly regarded art shops in the city, this really is the go-to for those who want to express themselves to the fullest – and really make a splash.


2. Art & Hobby, various locations

Sure you can't beat the classics – with branches in Jervis, Nutgrove, Liffey Valley, St Stephen's Green, Dundrum, Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire, you'll never be far from one of these spots.

Art And Hobby 3

3. Decwell's, George's Street

Not an art shop, but you're as likely to pick up materials for your unspecified spray paint-based project in a hardware store as you are anywhere else.

Convenient, central and great value.


4. Kennedy's, Harcourt Street

A cute little spot a few doors down from the Siopa Leabhar, which specialises in supplies for the more discerning artist.

And you.


5. McQuillan's, Capel Street

An absolutely sound crew who don't make you feel intimidated or stupid if you don't know what exactly you're looking for.

Trust me on that one.


6. Expert Hardware, Ranelagh

This place boasts a very friendly and helpful staff – as well as a prime location right beside La Bodega.

Tapas and civil disobedience – a match made in heaven.


7. All City Records, Temple Bar

Nestled in on Crow Street in Temple Bar, this is conveniently located just a few paces away from the scene of the mural that's completely unrelated to this particular matter, but we thought we'd mention anyway.

A great spot with a very, very cool vibe. Check it out.


Note: None of the spots listed above are affiliated with this article in any way. So try not to look too shifty...

Written By

Aidan Coughlan