8 Mother's Day Gifts For When Your Mammy Is A Hipster

For the cooler than average mother

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You know your mum is cooler than all the other mums. 

She knows songs the other mams don't know, she drinks in craft beer pubs, she wears things that strike the right balance between cutting-edge and not embarrassing the bejaysus out of you.

So surely she deserves something better than a scented candle, right?

Have no fear... with these nine budget-spanning ideas, you'll have no problems grabbing something for your dear aul' Hipster Mammy.

1. Tea set from Clement and Pekoe

This hipster haven on South William Street doesn’t just do the best coffee in town – it also sells a tremendous selection of loose leaf teas, as well as snazzy pots and filters to brew them in.

Help your mam to ditch the Barry’s and the Lyon’s and embrace her inner-hipster with one of these beautiful sets.


2. Yoga classes

Hipster Mammy could definitely do with a bit of stress relief – sure how could she not, after spending her entire life looking after you? And there are few better ways to unwind than with yoga, escaping into the tranquility of a studio for an hour, away from… well, you.

Yoga Dublin have studios in Dundrum and Ranelagh and offer gift cards in any amount you choose. Check them out here.


3. Tweed Project Scarf

The Tweed Project is committed to making timeless tweed that you don’t buy for a season, but for life – and man, do they deliver on that commitment to a degree that would satisfy even the fussiest Hipster Mammy. They’re based in Galway, but you can pick up their products at Indigo & Cloth on Essex Street in Temple Bar.


4. 3FE Coffee

Your hipster mam quit the Nescafé Instant a long time ago, and embraced cappuccino culture with the best of them – and she already has the fancy espresso machine in the kitchen that she doesn’t really know how to use. So now it’s time to take things to the next level.

3FE’s coffees are absolutely divine, and can be picked up in their café on Grand Canal Street, Fallon and Byrne, Kaph and a number of other stockists across the city.


5. Wireless Headphones

A pair of Beats Wireless – which you can pick up in most electronics retailers – will ensure she’s the coolest momma in her yoga class. Sure, they’re pricey. But she did give birth to you and raise you, in fairness.


6. Jopo Bike

The Jopo was designed in the 1960s to be used by anyone, regardless of size or gender, and now their bright colours and simple frames mark them out as a favourite for those who favour fashion over function.

Hipster Mammy is definitely one of those people, so head along to Freewheeling on Pearse Street to pick her up one.


7. A Moleskine notebook

She takes her work very seriously, does Hipster Mammy. And with one of these slick notebooks, she can do so in the only way she knows how – with style.

Check out the full range here.


8. Sunday Brunch in The House

Treat the mammy to the best brunch on the northside at The House followed by a stunning cliff walk. What more could she want?

The House

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan