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20th Dec 2016

9 Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate Best Friend

Alana Laverty

Everyone has friends. Most people have best friends. But only a select few can say they’ve truly found their soulmate best friend.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have found yours in school or in college, but many people are still waiting to find theirs.

These are the nine signs that you’ve struck gold and have found a friend for life and if you’re still on the hunt, don’t worry, take note of what you should be on the look out for.

1. You instantly click

You speak for the first time and it’s like you’ve known each other for YEARS. 

There are endless things to talk about and you’ve got tonnes in common. 

You wonder why your paths haven’t crossed before and can’t help but think about all the years you’ve wasted not knowing each other.

2. People think you’re the same person

You spend so much time together that people never see you on you own. People will question where your bestie is whenever you’re apart. 

It’s like you merged into one person overnight and you didn’t even notice. 

3. You can read each other’s minds

You know what they’re thinking pretty much all the time. 

Communicating by exchanging eye rolls is your specialty. It’s the true superpower of a soulmate friendship.

4. You can totally be yourself around them

No judgement exists in a soulmate friendship. 

You can tell them your darkest secrets and do completely mingin’ things in their company and they’ll still love you unconditionally, awwwww.

5. Your family love them

The ultimate test of any friendship. 

If your mum loves them then they’re a keeper. It’s only natural that your family would adore them as much as you do. You’ve so much in common you’re practically related anyway.

6. They’re your biggest fan

You bring out the best in each other and they always remind you of just how great you are. 

You’re an amazing person and they’ll always be the first to let you know that. Sure, that’s what friends are for.

7. You share the same taste in things

Food, music, fashion, you name it, you and your soulmate friend share it. 

You’re pretty much on the same page when it comes to everything. 

8. They’ll always have your back

No matter what the situation, your soulmate friend will always stand by your side. You’ll always have a shoulder to cry on and someone fighting your corner. 

Nobody talks shit about you and gets away with it.

9. You take perfect selfies together

This is the dealbreaker. If you don’t take a ridiculous amount of selfies together then I’m afraid you’re not soulmate friends. It would be a crime to be so in sync and to not showcase it to the rest of the world.

Dog filter, double chins or face-swaps – you guys have selfies to a T.

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