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20th Dec 2016

A New Survey Has Revealed That Most Irish People Want This Guy And Girl As Their Best Friends


According to a new survey, almost a third of Irish men want Chris O’Dowd as their best friend, while 31% of women would like Amy Huberman as their bestie.

The One4All survey, which explored Irish friendships, revealed that we’re a nation positively smitten by the two charming stars of The IT Crowd and Threesome, who appeared alongside each other in RTÉ’s The Clinic years ago.

Thereby becoming BFFs 4 lyfe

The survey, which was carried out on 956 Irish adults (78% female, 22% male), included various other Irish friendship facts, with almost a third of Irish adults (31%) admitting that they count more than five people in their closest group of friends.

41% of survey respondents also said that their longest friendships spanned over 20 years.

We also discovered that time and distance prove no obstacle to our friendships, with 42% of those surveyed saying they speak to their closest friends weekly, despite 12% living in a different country.

So basically we’re a nation of people who secretly want to admit to their best mate…


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