An Irish Family Were Driven From Their Home – By A Sewer Rat Infestation

You mightn't want to be eating while reading this


An Irish man and his partner have had to leave their home after it was infested with rats from a sewer beneath their house.

Paul Welsh and Kim Hagan, from Carrickfergus in Antrim, recently discovered that their home was built on top of a sewer without authorisation, which is how the rats managed to invade the couple's house.

The pair moved into the house in 2009, two years later they started noticing droppings and assumed it was mice. Of course, they soon discovered it was actually rats.

A pest control company said that they would like to use my home as a training facility because they had never seen so many rats in their lives [...] We could always hear scratching above the ceiling and hear them gnawing at wood, and it made my skin itch.

Paul Welsh

Upon discovering that the house's construction upon a sewer was unauthorised, Mr Welsh felt let down by the Planning Service, Northern Ireland Water and the local council. The legal dispute over the issue will be heard at the High Court in Belfast next month.


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