Arnotts' Christmas Windows Have Been Unveiled - And They're Absolutely Glorious

We want to be kids again!

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Arnotts' Christmas windows are just about as iconic as they come, and this silly season's tremendous display is absolutely no different.

it's all based around Santa's newest reindeer, Crackers. Yep - Santa has a new reindeer kids - and he's the best one yet!

The windows follow the story of Crackers dreaming of the day he'll get the chance to fly. 

Along each window are magic transfer hand sensors on which kids can place their hands, and watch the incredible magic come to life! 

Upon placing their hands on the sensors, they'll notice light displays, rotating reindeer, dream like light fixtures and glittering exhibitions of everything that makes Christmas the great holiday that it is. 

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At the end of Crackers' magnificent journey is The Tayto Pop Up Crispmas Workshop, paired with the Arnotts Festive Flavours Workshop downstairs. In the Workshop you can purchase a whole selection of personalised merchandise, as well as tickets to Tayto Park. 

The ultimate stocking filler.

The whole endeavour is, of course, fronted by Mr. Tayto himself, and what else could possibly be on the menu other than Tayto sandwiches. 

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Mr. Tayto will be making appearances every weekend on the run up to Christmas, all the way until the first week of January. 

So you've got plenty of time to get your crisp sambo fill. Until then, definitely try catch a glimpse at the windows, they're a real treat. 

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