Brendan O'Carroll's Chat Show Is En Route

Mrs Brown never left!

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All hail Brendan O'Carroll.

A brand new entertainment chat show, All Round To Mrs Brown’s, will see characters from the popular sitcom invite celebrities and members of the public into their own homes.

It's set to be recorded in front of a live studio audience, with what producers are teasing to be a “star-studded line up”.

A pilot episode, which is not intended for broadcast, was recorded on September 20 and it is understood that O'Carroll interviewed tennis star Andy Murray’s mother, Judy.

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Speaking to The Irish Daily Star, a source revealed that the pilot of the show went incredibly well.

The pilot was a brilliant success. I don’t think Brendan expected it to be such a hit.

Brendan is doing the interviewing, but then some of the cast members of Mrs Brown’s Boys will also be on the show too and joining in with interviewing”.

It looks like it will air in February on BBC1.

And we can't wait!

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