We asked the Chat GPT bot where to eat out in Dublin and this is what it said

By Katy Thornton

April 26, 2023 at 1:24pm


I will need to take out a small loan for the first spot.

Unless you are an under-a-rock dweller, Patrick Star style, you will be acquainted with Chat GPT. A site that basically answers any question you may have in seconds, giving everything from life advice to writing code, it has captured our attention in an unprecedented way.

Some are obsessed with this latest development in AI technology, others are terrified at the prospect of it stealing jobs (not us though, we're very secure).

After seeing an article by The LA Times where they used it to tell them where to eat in LA for a week, we decided to ask it the same, but of Dublin. This is in no way an experiment to see if it could take our job. We're merely curious as to where they'd suggest.

1. Chapter One

Chat GPT comes in with a crazy first option, 2 Michelin star restaurant Chapter One, a fine dining spot based on Parnell Street that will set most diners back a small fortune for their visit. While it's undoubtedly a top location, with incredible food and service, I'm not sure it would be what I recommend to someone asking where to go, unless they happen to be Gordon Ramsay.

Of Chapter One, Chat GPT praises its "locally-sourced ingredients" that are "prepared with creativity and flair" as well as the impeccable service.

2. The Winding Stair

Second on Chat GPT's list of places to eat in Dublin is The Winding Stair, with their reasoning being the menu which "showcases Irish produce and ingredients, with a focus on sustainability and seasonality." While The Winding Stair is certainly more affordable than Chapter One, it's still on the pricey side, although for a nice occasion meal out we'd certainly consider it.

3. Bunsen

From one end of the spectrum to the other, Chat GPT puts Bunsen third on their list, which we have to agree with, both for their quality burgers (some of the best in Dublin) and their cost-friendly menu. It's somewhat comical to see Bunsen appear on a recommendation list alongside Chapter One, but hey, we can't disagree with it.

If we were writing up a list of cheap or tasty spots to eat in Dublin, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that we would include Bunsen.


4. The Boxty House

We're seeing a common theme begin to crop up. The focus on Irish ingredients or dishes is prevalent with the first four entries on this list, and that Boxty House is based in Temple Bar, a popular hub for tourists and no one else, we can see why it would make a list such as this. A question like this may mostly come from people visiting Dublin for the first time, so why not include places that put together uber Irish dishes. We see the logic certainly Chat GPT.

5. Brother Hubbard

Recommended in particular for its brunch offering, we cannot help but agree with Chat GPT on this one too. Brother Hubbard is more than just a trendy spot for that in-between breakfast and lunch meal - they have a creativity with otherwise classic dishes that does deserve to be hyped up. That there are four different locations across Dublin also makes it a worthwhile mention.

6. Forest & Marcy

So Forest & Marcy, as it existed on 126 Leeson Street Upper, is no longer open, replaced instead by One Kinda Folk (a lovely coffee and pastry spot certainly worth a visit but not where Chat GPT had in mind). Forest Avenue, sister restaurant to Forest & Marcy, is still open on Sussex Street, which might be where it meant.

We can't help but feel a little relieved that the AI service is capable of getting some things wrong.

7. Rosa Madre

Often praised for being one of the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in Dublin, Rosa Madre is a very fair entry on this list. A favourite amongst Dubliners and tourists alike, if you're willing to splash that cash, you'll not be disappointed with the meal you receive.


8. Yamamori

We appreciate the variety that's going into this recommendations list, as Yamamori is an option that offers cuisine for the sushi lovers. Also a beloved spot in Dublin, particularly for Japanese food, we have to agree with its inclusion on their list as well, winning brownie points for the fact there are three across the city.

9. The Vintage Kitchen

Another Irish restaurant, The Vintage Kitchen is based on Poolbeg Street and makes it onto Chat GPT's recommendation list due to its "hearty and delicious homemade dishes" with a menu that "changes daily and features locally-sourced ingredients".

10. Dublin Food Co-op

For Chat GPT's final recommendation, they give us farmers' market Dublin Food Co-op, based in Kilmainham. We like the slightly different route they've taken here, providing a market as opposed to a café or restaurant.

Some Cheaper Options

Now, while some of these options were cost-friendly, some were really on the other end of the scale, and not entirely accessible to the average consumer in the midst of this cossy livvy crisis. So I asked Chat GPT a follow up question - could I have some cheaper options please. Not one to refuse us, they obliged with the following list.

1. The Fumbally


2. Boojum

3. The Rolling Donut

4. The Woollen Mills

5. Crackbird (Permanently Closed)

6. Umi Falafel

7. Pitt Bros BBQ

8. Box Burger (Permanently Closed)

9. Ramen Co

10. Dublin Pizza Company

So what has this little experiment taught us? While we can't help but admit Chat GPT is an interesting prospect that is super fun to mess around with, it's got some teething issues too. For now we're confident that it's not coming for our job, at least not yet.

Header images via Instagram/yamamoridining & /bunsenburgers


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