David O'Doherty Gives Us A Hilarious Reminder Of Why There's No Excuse Not To Vote

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We thought we'd be at saturation point by now – but some of the stuff that's coming out this week in relation to the Marriage Equality referendum is just too good to overlook.

With polls showing a strong swing towards a 'Yes' result, the message out there in the dying days isn't so much about what way to vote. Instead, it's quite literally about ensuring that voters mark their cards, as campaigners urge people to plan their day and make sure they cast their ballot before the polls close at 10pm.

And while we all like to let on that we live unfathomably busy lives, there really is no excuse for not finding those crucial five minutes on Friday – as this video featuring David O'Doherty spells out rather brilliantly.

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