Don't Read This If You Live In Ireland And Have A Fear Of Enormous Spiders

A new wave of arachnid invaders are said to be "as big as mice"


It has been claimed by pest experts that spiders "as big as mice" may be trying to invade Irish homes.

Speaking to the Star, Trevor Hayden of Complete Pest Control said that spiders up to 12cm long can now be found in our country, with similarly sized arachnids also being reported in the UK.

Due to a wet spring and a relatively warm summer the number of house spiders in Ireland this year has increased massively, and combined with an abundance of food for the arachnids, this has led to unusually large creepy crawlies.


"Mind if I haunt your nightmares?"

Though large, these gigantic spiders' venom is harmless to humans, so should you encounter one of these behemoths there's really no need for this...



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