Here Are The 6 Things We Know About Workman's New Burger Joint So Far


It's no secret that burgers are a serious business here at Lovin Dublin and there's a new place in town that is currently piquing our interest. With the intriguingly named Wowburger now open at Wellington Quay, we've had to investigate to see exactly they have to offer. Here are six things we know about Wowburger so far:

It's At The Workman's Club

You'll find them upstairs at The Workman's Club in their beer garden.

Just when you thought beer gardens couldn't be improved upon...

The Buns Are Brioche

An awesome juicy burger with crisp, smoked American style bacon and sauteéd jalapenos plus sandwiching it between a rich buttery, crumby bun that's smothered in creamy and slightly tangy Wowburger sauce equals eye-rolling satisfaction. Perhaps the very definition of nom.

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Garlic Butter Fries

Garlic frickin' butter fries: it already sounds like our new guilty pleasure. Hand-cut daily from Marquis potatoes, these chips still have their skin for extra crispiness. The garlic butter is also made fresh daily with chopped curly parsley. The use of garlic butter, rather than a heavy garlic sauce, allows the fries to stay nice and crisp. Yes, you'll have garlic breath. Yes, nothing about this could be healthy. But still, we want them right now.

All Toppings Are Free

That's right. With grilled mushrooms or onions, jalapenos and pickles among the options, I for one plan to abuse this whole free toppings system.

Thick Shakes

We've been discussing the sheer awesomeness of malts recently, and while Wowburger shakes aren't quite malts they're damn thick and creamy nonetheless. Forget the days of the frothy milkshake, you need these thick, syrupy behemoths in your life.


Alas, Post-Night Out Feeds Are Denied

It all seemed so perfect... until you realise that Wowburger closes everyday at 9.30pm. Why, Wowburger? That doesn't wow us at all. Still, lining your stomachs before a night out will just have to suffice.

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Right, we're off to Workman's before Wowburger closes!

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Seán Kenehan

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