13 Housemates Who Took Passive Aggressive Notes To A Whole New Level

These guys have got serious game

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Ah, the passive-aggressive note – preferred language of millions of disgruntled, peeved and all-round dickish housemates the world over.

There truly is a very special art to nailing down these notes – and so we've had a snoop around, like a nosey flatmate 'looking for a phone charger' inside your room while you're back at your folks' house, to pull together some of the best.

These 13 housemates... they really know how to do it.

1. This housemate who values honesty

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2. This housemate who knows that if you can't win with reason, win with grammar


3. This housemate who takes the J Walter Weatherman approach to lesson-teaching


4. This housemate who does not fuck about


5. This housemate who is concerned


6. This housemate who has empathy

7. This housemate who did not expect a response


8. This housemate who fights dirty


9. This housemate who sees things in a different way to others


10. This housemate who is totally over that rent increase. Totally.

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11. This housemate who stands by his actions


12. This housemate who is, at least, factually accurate

13. And this housemate whom you're going to really, really miss


Written By

Aidan Coughlan