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Irish Water - Squeezing Every Last Drop From Our Wallets

By emmakenneally

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


The country is up in arms about the water charges that are being introduced in the coming months. While we are known as a country of generally quite passive, peaceful people who rarely protest, it's clear that the water charges are a step to far after years of high taxes, pay cuts and job loses that have already left Irish people financially squeezed. Well it would seem Irish Water are planning to squeeze us a little more with the introduction of these charges. People are outraged not only because many families and individuals are already struggling, but because the system is inadequate, we are already paying for water in our taxes and the charges are substantially higher than in other European countries.

Last weekend protesters were out in their droves to voice their anger at the planned introduction of the water charges. It seems that with each passing day people are becoming increasingly incensed as more information about Irish Water's inadequacies come to light. Photographer Derek Kennedy went to the protest on Saturday to capture the march and also to talk to some of the protesters about their feelings on the matter.

Robert Hall, Kildare.

Hell no, I won't pay. I took out my own meter two weeks ago and if Irish Water want to come collect it, they can!


Robert Hope, Arbour Hill.

I can barely afford to live as it is. We already pay for water through taxes, why should we have to pay twice. Fix the network and people might pay, No store in the country would sell you a product that does not work properly.


Helen Byrne, Ringsend.

Don't pay!!


Terry & Rosin Warren, Donnybrook.

We can't afford to pay. Terry lost his job three years ago; where's the money going to come from?


Colm Cahill, Sutton.

We need to think of our young people and the way our country is going. We will not pay!

05 1

Frank & Geraldine O'Donnell.

We want the water charges completely abolished.This has all been done before, an example of this is the car tax. It was reduced from a high level in the 80's to a mere €5 registration fee, now look at the price to tax a car.


Scroll on for our photo series of the protest march...

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MG 5312
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MG 5303
MG 5301
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