It's Been Revealed That A Staggering HALF Of Irish Mothers Do This To Their Kids

Yup, this happened to us too


A newly released survey has revealed that nearly half of Irish mothers leave their children unattended in their car.

Conducted by, the study showed that 48% of the 811 mothers questioned had no problem leaving their child in their car, if it was only for a short time.

The research was conducted after The Voice Of Ireland judge Rachel Stevens was pictured leaving her children alone in her car for 10 minutes.

MummyPages spokeswoman Laura Haugh said,

Most parents have wrestled with their conscience when they have a sleeping child or more than one child all strapped in their car seats and they need to just jump out the car for a minute or two. However, despite the inconvenience of unbuckling or indeed waking a sleeping baby, really it is the safest option.

The main excuse parents gave for leaving their child alone was that they would only be away for a short time, while other excuses included not wanting to wake a baby and having an older sibling in the car to be in charge.

In light of these facts, are urging the public to stop this potentially hazardous behaviour.

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