Justin Timberlake Plays A Down-And-Out Lime In This Hilarious Tequila Ad

"And then Sauza 901 comes out... and it's like we don't even exist."


This is the best ad we've seen so far this year – a short, fantastically scripted piece of film that stars Justin Timberlake as a lime who's fallen on hard times.

And the reason? This Sauza 901 tequila, which apparently tastes a bit smoother and doesn't require the assistance of citric acid to stop you from wanting to throw up.

We haven't tasted this drink, so can't comment on whether it's actually any good – and at present, there's no indication that Sauza 901 will be hitting Irish bars any time soon. But the very fact that we're intrigued to find out what it's like is a testament to how brilliant this little piece of marketing is.

Even more startlingly, JT not only stars as the lime – but he also came up with the concept for the ad, and is a major investor in the drinks brand itself.

Seriously, man. Give the rest of us a chance, will you?

Written By

Aidan Coughlan