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14th Apr 2017

Lebanese Tapas Is Now A Thing – And Here’s Exactly Where You Can Get It


Have you been to Blackrock Market lately?

Whether you’re a local or couldn’t live further from the spot, we couldn’t recommend more that you head on down to the South Dublin spot, as we’ve found yet another hidden gem that Dublin foodies are bound to love. 

Behold, Ali Baba

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This gorgeous spot serves up Lebanese Tapas – an incredible fusion of flavours, styles and ingredients, in an attempt to provide something new, fun and delicious to the masses. 

Café owner Nawar Joubi, from Aleppo in Syria, spoke to Lovin Dublin about the joy he gets from serving customers:

”I started this place about two years ago nearly and it’s going okay. Most important to me is to see people enjoying themselves and enjoying their food with the experience of the Lebanese feast.”

I am originally from Syria, I come from the oldest and most troubled city in the world, Aleppo, but I’ve been living here for more than 20 years. Ali Baba is the place where I can just cook and forget all about what happening in my county. This is what it is all about.”

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The restaurant is relatively not well-known, but those who do know it are obsessed – giving five star reviews any time anyone mentions it. 

For those of you who aren’t sure what’s involved in Lebanese food think whole grains, fruits, vegetables, starches, fresh fish, seafood and sometimes, poultry. 

Oh, and hummus. Lots and lots of hummus.

Keen to get stuck in?

How could you not be. 

Ali Baba is located at 19A Main St, Blackrock, County Dublin and is open Monday – Friday (from 12 – 3) and Saturday and Sunday (from 11 – 5).

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