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20th Dec 2016

Lovin Dublin welcomes new photographer to the team


The week before last we put out a post looking for a great Dublin based photographer to capture the essence of Dublin, the city’s not always obvious beauty, the various different guises through which she can be seen and of course the wonderful people living in it and passing through it. We were inundated with applications, with people sending photos in their droves. Unfortunately, we could only choose one person, and given the size of our tiny team at present, it wasn’t possible for us to reply to each individual applicant. We were hugely impressed by the standard of photography, proving for incredibly difficult decision making.

Suiting what we’re after and the Lovin Dublin tone down to a tee, we’ve chosen one Mr Caolan Barron, a young photographer who hails from Wexford, and is currently carving out quite the creative career for himself in the capital, to photograph Dublin through a different theme each week.

Again, all of the images and applications we received were fantastic, and we really hope to see such great collections of photos popping up elsewhere around the city, as they deserve to be seen and shared.

For now, here’s a taster of what you can look forward to each week on Lovin Dublin (photos taken from different cities as well as Dublin). Introducing Caolan Barron.

‘Growing up in the surrounds of a family run pub and restaurant business in Wexford Town has awarded me many things; coupled with a healthy amount of stress, and an unhealthy supply of booze, it gave me access to one of Ireland’s most famous institutions – The Irish Pub. This has instilled in me a fascination with people and culture, not to mention food and drink. Photography has since become my biggest passion as it has served to satisfy my compulsion to document all that fuels that fascination.

Having lived in Dublin, on and off, for the past 6 years and travelled extensively to other cities in that time period, I’m very pleased to see the way things are progressing here. Even from when I first moved up, the difference in the fair city is enormous. It only takes a glance through the articles of Lovin’ Dublin to realise that something is happening here; the city is growing and evolving and I think it’s no secret that this a very promising time for Dublin and its people.

Despite the inevitable onslaught of culchie jokes, and various other jests about my strange accent, I am very excited to have the opportunity to join the Lovin’ Dublin team and photograph one of my favourite cities in the world, and in doing that, hopefully, shed some light on why this wee town is one of the best around.’

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