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20th Dec 2016

Lovin Lunch – What’s In Your Box?


We love eating out for lunch as there are so many amazing little spots serving up mouth watering gems that make our day. Having said that,, if you work out of town in an area without many food offerings or if you’re trying to watch what you eat it’s often easier to bring in a packed lunch. With September’s back to school feel looming upon us we decided to come up with a few lunchbox ideas that won’t have you dying of boredom. I decided to start with something simple.


Lunch doesn’t have to mean soggy sandwiches, why not try a slice of bacon and cheese quiche? You don’t have to make it yourself, you can get pretty good quiches in delis and supermarkets nowadays and it’s no big deal cooking it the night before and throwing it in the fridge. Just pop it in the microwave for a minute or two in college or work and you have a nice, hot comforting lunch while the weather outside is anything but.


I am queen of the snack attack and nibbling throughout the day, probably not the best habit but if your snacks are healthy then what’s the harm? We love nothing more than some salty nuts in our box and a bag of roasted almonds should last you a few days… Or maybe just a few minutes. Dark chocolate is our go-to for elevenses and a nectarine makes a nice change from the usual apple. The natural yoghurt will help you get your protein in. All in all, this is a great lunch for any aspiring bodybuilders or sporty spices out there.


Do you have any ideas for a lunch that isn’t eye-wateringly boring? Or any challenges as to things you’d like to see in our box?