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Move Over 3-In-1s, The ‘Munchy Box’ Has Arrived And It’s Absolutely FILTHY

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The Irish fast food experience has just been taken to the next level.

First there was the 3-in-1 (which some hated and others adored). Then there were spice bags. Now, there’s a whole new paradigm shift in eating shit: the ‘munchy box’.

The munchy box (or ‘mega spice box’ as it’s also known) originated in Scotland, but in the last few weeks it has found its way to the shores of Ireland and into our people’s hearts.

Specifically, their arteries.

A munchy box is simply a platter of fast food classics, all thrown into one big box. So you’ll have your chips, chicken wings, kebab meat, garlic bread, onion rings, curry sauce on the side: the works.

Bask in the decadence of the munchy box below.

Of course, the munchy box is not to be confused with this…

In Dublin, you can order munchy boxes/mega spice boxes in the following takeaways: Pen Tower, Eddie’s Dynasty, Scent@Home, and New Land (if you know of any others, let us know in the comments).

We’ve a strong feeling we’ll be seeing these crop up all over the city pretty soon. And you just know someone is gonna do a hipster version of it.

Go forth and order a munchy box tonight with our blessing. It looks perfect for sharing and you essentially have everything on your local takeaway’s menu to choose from.

Besides, it’s okay to try it, because it’s new.

H/T DailyEdge.ie.

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