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Move Over Coconut Water, Hello Maple Water!

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


What is it?

Maple Water the new healthfood miracle you haven’t heard of yet. It is literally just the sap of maple trees before it is processed to make syrup; particularly the sap produced in the spring as the tree has collected nutrients from the soil over a long winter, which was apparently often taken as a tonic by indigenous Native Americans.

Why haven’t I heard of it until now?

Even if Native Americans have been drinking it for centuries, this is a brand new trend among the consumer population. But it has already gained some dedicated celebrity fans, apparently including Beyoncé, which means that everyone will be drinking it soon enough.


Is it good for me?

The producers would certainly have you believe so, but their claims are not backed up yet by verifiable studies. However, there is some research that claims maple syrup has antioxidant properties and lots of nutrients: maple water is claimed to be the same, and what’s more be extremely low in sugar (half that of coconut water), be naturally packed full of some 46 nutrients (including vitamins, prebiotics, electrolytes, and amino acids). It also has more manganese than the superfood of the moment, kale. Some producers also claim everyone should drink it to help preserve American rainforests, by turning them into the root (as it were) of a sustainable and profitable business.

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How much will it cost?

About €2.95 for a 250ml bottle.

What can I do with it?

Drink it. That’s about it really. It is a really delicate-flavoured sweet water, and probably not much use for cooking. It has a high electrolyte content though, so it could make it into our post-workout routines.

Where can I get it?

There are a handful of stores stocking it, including Harvey Nichols Foodmarket, and most likely a handful of other healthful shops. You can also pick it up online here.



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