Netflix Went Down Worldwide Last Night – And People Lost Their Shit

All hell broke loose

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The site was glitchy for about 20 minutes before shutting down entirely for two and a half hours. 

And it ruined my Saturday night. My housemates had just left to go out, so I was well and truly alone, with NOTHING to do. 

Classic Netflix, ruining my social life. 

Maybe the shut-down stemmed from all the hard-core weekend bingers, what with the releases of both Luke Cage and Amanda Knox, and the system just couldn't keep up. 

I, for one, thought that the apocalypse was upon us. 

Netflix issued this tweet: 

And Twitter blew the fuck up. People, myself included, were losing their shit

Even the Luke Cage Twitter account piped up 

It was allllll 'bout dat Luke Cage 

The apocalypse, I'm telling ya 

This gal, literally 

Two and a half hours later, all was resolved

But for some, it was too late. They'd given up and gone to sleep. Netflix-less. 

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Written By

Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating and writing her way around Dublin / @alanalav