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20th Dec 2016

There’s Now An Open Gaff In Temple Bar Where You Can Have A Nap And Play Board Games


Ever had one of those days when you’re just hanging around town with nothing to do? Well, this might be the solution.

The Clockwork Door in Temple Bar is Ireland’s first time house and it sounds absolutely brilliant.

Time house?

Yes, time house. A pay-as-you-go gaff where you can enjoy unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits, wi-fi, you name it – and you only have to pay for the time you spend here. 

They boast loads of different rooms, where you can play, work, study, meet cool people or just chill out with mates. 

The Clockwork Door is made up of six rooms (with different names like The Cosy Room and The Games Room) in a building on Dublin’s Quays. It’s somewhere between a café and a flat – and it could be the next big thing in city centre activities. 

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If you’ve ever found yourself stuck without somewhere to hang out, chill, study, eat, work or even just go for a nap, you’re going to love The Clockwork Door.

The space itself, located at 51 Wellington Quay, can take up to 100 people and opens from 12pm to 10pm daily. 

The whole thing is an alcohol free zone so it’s ideal if you need a break from the pub scene.

Owners Ciaran Joseph and Olga Hogan have stated that entry will not be permitted if the person is plastered but if you’ve had a pint and want to go somewhere to relax, then that’s perfectly fine. 

As far as rates go, it’s all pretty reasonable at 8c per minute or €30 for a full day.

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The venue will also run all sorts of events, like board games on Sundays, cooperative puzzle games, ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ on the projector every Wednesday and foreign film night every Friday.

It also has 150 different types of tea!

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