Our Guide To Surviving The Leopardstown Races


The Leopardstown Stephen's Day races draw huge crowds every year of people who are ready to have a good time and party. The main draw isn't really the horse racing, it's really more about getting away from the family, meeting the great and the good, having a few too many scoops and showing off your Christmas clothes. Either way, make sure you make the most of it with some of our handy tips below.


1. Download the Racing Post App the day before, it's a handy guide to keep track of all the races.

2. Make sure you book your tickets online to save some dollars as entry can be up to 25 euros.

3. Make sure to hit an ATM machine before! Queues for the cash machine are always mayhem in Leopardstown.

4. While we don't condone gatting at the races, a sneaky naggin of whiskey is essential to keep you toasty when out on the track!

5. If you're serious about your betting, make sure to hit the bookies a few days earlier and do a nice lucky 15! You'll get longer odds.

6. Taxis are as rare as a 50/1 winner. Be prepared to walk if the free shuttle buses aren't in operation.

7. Wear something warm. There's always people in teeny tiny dresses, but you'll be the one laughing when it starts raining or snowing.

8. Don't drink too much before you leave Dublin and arrive at the races. If you do, you won't last the rest of the day. A 'friend' who once started drinking too soon returned from the races, ordered Dominoes, watched Lord of the Rings and fell asleep….

9. Finally, The Leap Inn is the best spot to go afterwards. Fact.

Written By

Ed O'Riordan