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14th Feb 2017

Over 300 Complaints Were Made About This Week’s Late Late Show


Over 300 complaints were submitted to Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ, all of which were to do with last Friday’s Late Late Show Valentines special.

It’s being reported that up to  568,000 people tuned in to the Valentine’s Special, made up of an audience of 200 singletons, ready and willing to find love. 

Due to the rowdy nature of the show, RTÉ received ten formal complaints as well as 176 calls and 120 emails giving out about the programme, and it’s ‘obscene’ humour. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for the national broadcaster said: 

“RTE will respond to these complaints within 20 days in keeping with RTE Complaints procedure.” 

The programme commenced with a duet comprised of Linda Martin and Al Porter, belting out Dead Ringer For Love. This was then followed by a Blind Date section, and a shift cam to encourage people to kiss. 

Something that may have pushed it over the line, was that everyone in the audience was presented with a hamper made up of lubricant, pleasure rings and condoms. 

Not to the general Irish public’s tastes, we can imagine. 

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