Now Here's An Idea – Cyclists In Paris Will Soon Be Allowed To Ignore Red Lights

Something for Dublin to consider?

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Good news for Parisian cyclists – it's just been announced they will be allowed to ride straight through red lights.

The decision was made after tests proved the move would not lead to accidents, but in fact would allow cyclists greater freedom in movement and reduce the chances of collisions with cars.

Signs will indicate when cyclists can either turn right (this would be left in Dublin) or ride on even if the main traffic lights are red.


A picture from the Paris Mayor's office outlining the scheme. Note: the image has been horizontally flipped here to reflect how the scheme would work on Irish roads.

The French capital has been suffering a smog problem this year and the government wants to encourage cycling to reduce the problem, as part of a wider plan to triple the number of cyclists by 2020. The BBC reported that the scheme will be gradually introduced from the end of July until September to help improve the flow of cycle traffic.

How do you think a system like this would fare in Dublin?

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