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20th Dec 2016

8 Perfect Netflix Documentaries To Watch On A Duvet Day


It’s a rainy, miserable day out there, but every cloud has a silver lining: it’s the perfect excuse to stay in an binge on Netflix.

Now we know you love documentaries, so after some extensive trailer research we put together a list of the most intriguing docs out there at the moment.

There’s something for foodies, vegans, redheads, even those in search of true happiness. So grab your tea or coffee, some snacks (we’re thinking a chocolatey biscuit of some kind), a blanket, and get watching one of the following…

1. Happy

In search of true happiness? There are small ways we can change our lives in order to find contentment, and this doc explores what they are.

2. Art Of Conflict

In one of the darkest periods in our island’s history, the Troubles of Northern Ireland, powerful works of art emerged in murals. Art Of Conflict takes a look at both sides of the conflict through the lens of art.

3. Being Ginger

Often bullied and ridiculed, Being Ginger shows that the plight of redheads is no insignificant matter. Get an insight into what it’s like to be foxy as an American strawberry blonde man journeys to Scotland in search of a girl who wants a redhead. 

4. Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

Using home footage and animation, Montage Of Heck tells the story of Nirvana’s frontman, from troubled youth to a family man in search of fulfilment, before the ultimate striking of tragedy. 

5. Chef’s Table

This documentary really gets behind the craft of cooking by getting into the kitchens of six of the best chefs in the world. There are six episodes in total, so perfect for bingewatching, but just beware of the inevitable food envy.

6. Cowspiracy

Executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, this documentary explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and investigates the policies of environmental organisations like Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network on this issue. 

Also useful if you’re trying to convert someone to veganism.

7. The True Cost

A grim look at the fashion industry and how its unsustainable business model is robbing millions of workers of their basic human rights.

8. Hot Girls Wanted

Produced by Rashida Jones (of Parks & Rec and I Love You, Man), Hot Girls Wanted takes a hard look at the porn industry. It reveals the circumstances under which young girls find themselves lured into the murky world and how they become exploited by it.

Any other interesting documentaries on Netflix at the moment? Let us know in the comments.

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