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PIC: Can You Spot What’s Different About This Unassuming Van?

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Dublin’s motorways are most definitely not a sight for sore eyes. And don’t get us started about rush hours…

But finding the beauty in the ordinary is what our readers do best, and this can be executed perfectly by this photograph, sent into us by Twitter user @ErasmusMich. 

Can you spot what’s funny about this unassuming van pictured below?

Screen Shot 2017 02 15 At 17 13 16

Monkeyin’ around, what are they like. 

WILD, so they are. 

What do they think we are; animals?!

Okay, we’ll stop. But, what a sight to see on a long commute home. Kudos to whoever that is, we’re going bananas.

 Massive thanks to @ErasmusMich for the picture!

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