POLL: Is It Okay To Wear Shorts In The Office On A Day Like Today?

Who wears short shorts?


It's. So. Hot. Out.

The thermometers have it at a sweltering 28 degrees, and that's before you factor in the low, heavy cloud cover that's trapping the warm air and making us feel like kids in a car whose parents have fecked off to the pub for the day (back in the 1990s when it was still okay to do that).

Basically, we feel like we're going to melt.

So we want to know, is it okay to take drastic action in such extreme circumstances? Is it finally okay to break the last remaining rule of office wear, in a world dominated by hoodies and jeans and moccasins and baseball caps, to ditch the long trousers and show a bit of knee?

Vote now. And a movement may be born...

Written By

Aidan Coughlan