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20th Dec 2016

Prosecco Lovers, You Can Relax Again – It Turns Out There’s No Shortage After All


Last week, as you may remember, the internet lost its mind over a rumour that there would be a shortage of Prosecco over the coming year.

According to the story, a wet and cold season in the Italian growing regions meant that lovers of bubbly would be caught short – and the internet utterly lost its shit at the prospect of having to slum it on Champagne or Cava.

But it turns out the worry was all in vain! While demand has increased due to the drink’s increasing popularity, and wholesale prices have risen, key figures in the industry say there’s very little prospect of going to the offo and finding empty shelves. Or indeed becoming embroiled in the most middle-class riot of all time.

Andy Shaw, buying director at Bibendum PLB, told

Exact confirmation of whether there will be enough volume to satisfy demand is impossible to say, but we have sufficient volumes to satisfy our current customer requirements [and] indeed we are being offered more Prosecco volumes on a daily basis

More Prosecco “on a daily basis”?

Oh yes, we like the sound of that.