Crossfit Guru Alan Doyle Show Us His Bits


This week we decided to ask cross fit coach and owner of D12 Crossfit gym, Alan Doyle, to show us his bits. In need of some January fitness inspiration, Alan has come to the rescue to show us the favourite training items that he likes to keep in his gear bag.


"Most days are spent at the gym and I'm out of the house by six so there's always at least one change of clothes and some snacks. It's nice to visit other gyms to train too, so there's usually a few bits for that. A water bottle and a dog lead always live in my bag."


"Having to adjust standard ropes or finding one that's nice to use while on the go can be frustrating and time consuming. I invested in my own custom SGF rope just over a year ago and haven't looked back. Its fast, smooth and like an extension of my hand now."


"It's very important for me to track everything that I do when training. I easily forget things if I don't write them down straight away so my log books travels with me. I have years of data in little notebooks like these.

It used to be a Filofax but I'm finding Google calendar much more useful – welcome to the future, eh? The tablet is a bombproof Nexus 7. Its great for FB and reading the latest LD post too."


"Training, cold demonstrations and old injuries, for me, require daily mobility. The lacrosse ball is an efficient, albeit painful tool to manage this. Hand rips and tears suck but are usually avoidable with some care. Tape is an easy way to achieve this. I know well what parts of my hands are likely to rip so a little tape before high rep movements works a treat."


"We tend to do a lot of squatting and Olympic lifting. The lifters help with this. I like these Adidas ones. They're a good all rounder. Decent heel lift but flexible enough to hit double unders or box jumps if the workout requires. I go through wrist wraps. These ones are well on the way out – hopefully Santa will be nice to me. Again, they help with the Olympic lifts, the wrists are the smallest joints in the chain. The wraps roll up small and are pretty easy to just throw in my bag."


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Emma Kenneally

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