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20th Dec 2016

Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters Took To O’Connell Street Today To Say No To Water Charges


Tens of thousands stormed O’Connell Street today to say no to Irish water.

While some might have thought the water protests were dying down, it now appears quite the opposite. The protest, which caused major traffic obstructions in Dublin’s city centre this afternoon, is the fifth major protest organised by the Right2Water group and their biggest to date.

The crowds assembled initially at Heuston and Connolly Stations at 2pm this afternoon, before making their way to the Spire. In front of the monument a stage was set up for speakers who addressed the crowd, which Right2Water numbered at 80,000 strong.

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary and one of the organisers of the demonstration, addressed the massive assembly of roaring protestors:

We’re sending a very clear message: enough is enough […] We will fight until we have total abolition of the water charges.

Take a look below at some of the scenes from today’s protest.


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