The 12 Best Irish Tweets Of The Week

'Someone asked what "issue" my next book is about. Me: A woman making terrible life choices. Her: What research did you have to do? Me: HAHA'

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You've done it again, Irish tweeting public. 

You're making our job super easy and giving us an awful lot to work with. G'people yourselves. 

Have a gander at this week's instalment of great craic individuals.

1. #TBT

2. This Irish Deddeh's take on Thanksgiving

3. Teaching Dublin as a second language

4. Real talk

5. Ye wha?

6. Pay day week

7. Daddy cool

9. Pup watch

10. Grindr

11. Money, money, money

12. All the world's a stage

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.