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20th Dec 2016

12 Of The Funniest Irish Tweets From The Past Week


You guys are some of the gassest (most gaseous?) we’ve ever come across and we feel like showing you off every so often. 

Can you blame us?

This week we’ve gone searching for the 12 best and funniest tweets we’ve found on the big, bad world of Twitter, and this is what we’ve found…

1. Latte’s Odyssey with @UnaMullally

2. Great expectations with @nessadinneen

3. A tale of two pronunciations with @glennthefitz

4. The hard hitting questions with @donlothario

5. Ireland with @Joe_Panama @aoiph

6. Little did we know with @elisemarie91

7. Big chances with @infinityonhi

8. Logical succession with @PrayForPatrick

9. Panic with @mormonhorse

10. SCARLEH with @amyohconnor

11. Grannies know best with @valerieloftus

12. Bilingualism with @phlaimeaux

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