The 12 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week

7. The Late Late Show giving away a bag of spuds as their giveaway prize

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Oh, Ireland.

The land of saints, scholars and constant talk of immersion. 

Here's our round up of some of the most wonderful and weird Irish things to happen this week. 

1. This headline

They don't call it Stab City for no reason...

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2. The fact that sheep noises actually echoed around The Dáil

Thanks to for the video. 

3. This reaction to The Budget

4. This totally acceptable method of celebration

5. This perfect, perfect sign

6. This perplexing road sign dilemma

Spotted in Kerry.

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Photo cred: Facebook

7. The Late Late Show gave away a bag of spuds as their giveaway prize

No, really

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8. This national cry out for Bosco 

Won't anybody please think of the children?

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9. This TD leaving his budget speech in the loo

10. This absolutely deadly stop sign

11. This fantastic display of wildlife

12. And finally, this fridge absolutely full of hang sangers

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