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20th Dec 2016

The 11 Types Of Tinder Profile Pictures You’ll Definitely Come Across When Swiping In Dublin


Tinder is a fascinating place full of fascinating people. 

Those of you who haven’t explored it are missing out, and those of you who have it are making the world a better place.

See if you’ve noticed any of these people on your Tinder travels…

1. The one with the tiger in Thailand

We get it, you’ve travelled.

200 29

2. You flexing in the gym

“Ugh, can’t believe how arrogant they are.”

*swipes right*

200 30

3. The serial pouter

Same-face-in-every-photo syndrome. Can their face even move?

200 31

4. The WTF 

This usually involves them being dressed as a giant baby, being on the loo, or having an ostrich as their profile photo.

To be avoided, unless you’re really bored.

200 32

5. The Ibiza lover

Bio: ”Music lover ????  Life liver ????  Drink drinker ???? ”

200 33

6. The extreme hipster

Works at: P Macs

Hobbies include: wearing items once owned by Bosco, upturning their moustache and wearing women’s jeans. Apply within, via carrier pigeon only.

200 34

7. The ‘that’s not my baby’ person

Proceed with caution, my friends.

200 35

8. The underager

Their profile says 22, their baby face says 17. 

And while some are blessed with chubby baby cheeks, if the school listed on their page is ‘The University of Life’, we URGE you to swipe left.

200 36

9. The elder lemon


200 37

10. The ugly photograph king/queen

Sense of humour FTW. Swipe right for the funniest date of your life. 

200 38

11. And finally, the ‘you’re definitely a robot’ 

Each to their own, we guess.



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