14 Tweets From The Last Week To Help You Get Through Monday

Bringing the lols, 140 characters at a time


Irish people? Gas. 

Twitter? Gasser.

The two of them combined: Gassest.

Don't believe us? Here are just a few of the best we've found from this week. Enjoy.

1. This gem from the wonder woman behind Ireland's royal family @amyhuberman

A valid point.

2. National vs international artists with @EoinKeane101

3. Pop culture with @POBHerty

4. Private jokes with @colleenm_hughes

5. Comeback kid with @gary_is_hip

6. Father Census with @donlothario

7. Weather is how weather does with @incogellen

8. Reality conspiracies with @gr00se

9. Real talk @himynameisaine

*wakes up*


10. Adulting is always what it seems @edobrienhogan

11. Monday = strug with @aifreckle

12. The obvious choice with @deevseverything

It's sunny, duh.

13. Census lols with @colmtobin

14. And finally, international relations

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