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20th Dec 2016

The 8 Best Spots In Dublin To Watch Tonight’s Crucial Play-Off


This is the big one.

Tonight, we take on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the first of two play-off legs – hoping that a solid performance (and maybe a sneaky away goal) will secure secure us a place at next summer’s European Championships in France.

With every place in town sure to be packed for the occasion, we thought it would be worth compiling a list of places that boast ample space, plenty of screens and where you can catch the action regardless of where you’re located – and here are our top eight picks.

8. Sam’s Bar, Dawson Street

If Ireland score a goal in the first 10 minutes there is a Heineken on the house for all. Get in!

Great place to hang around afterwards too, of course.


7. The Goat, Goatstown

Probably one of the best known sporting pubs in Dublin, and very handy if you fancy avoiding town. What makes the Goat extra special is the wonderful food, the family atmosphere and the cracking table service.


6. Smyth’s, Ranelagh

Best known as a rugby spot, but always packed for the big occasions in any sport – and when it gets packed, you realise just how many screens there are in there, and how you can always catch the action no matter where you’re perched.


5. The Bleeding Horse, Camden Street

Not one of our favourites for a normal Friday, but boasts loud commentary and solid bar food. So we’ll give them this one.


4. The Living Room, O’Connell Street



3. Sinnotts, South King Street

Huge downstairs bar with commentary rammed up loud, a cracking atmosphere, and a perfect long structure so that the screens are always in view. Great staff, too.


2. The Woolshed, Parnell Street

Probably the first place that comes to mind when someone says the words ‘sports bar’. Again, this isn’t somewhere we’d normally pop into on a regular night – but when it comes to catching an occasion like this one, you’d find it hard to beat.


1. The Taphouse, Ranelagh

This place has quickly established itself as one of the best in Dublin to watch sports – with big screens, great food (dem sliders!) and drinks selection, table service so you don’t have to miss any crucial moments, and a screen that disappears once the match is over, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the night without flashing imagery to distract you.

An absolute winner. But let’s hope it’s not the only winner of the night…


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